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fake reviews article

A requirement that only customers who made verified purchases should be able to post reviews was favored by 42 percent of respondents. All products should be tried and tested among legitimate consumers before launch, said 34 percent. Daily monitoring of customer content was needed to weed out fake reviews, according to 27 percent. Do not allow fake content. Fraudulent content can infiltrate your site through a variety of means, including disruptive or trolling activity, commercial messages, automated submissions (e.g. bots, programs and scripts), illegitimate or degrading content by a competitor, and self-promotion by employees. Stay vigilant and put a best-in-class moderation strategy in process, or work with a third-party vendor to combat fake reviews.

fake reviews article

For an example of moneyline betting odds, you can bet the Eagles as a -150 favorite to win or the Giants as a +180 underdog to win. In this case where both teams have a " + " in front of their odds, the team with the lower number is the favorite.

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fake reviews article

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fake reviews article

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